Experimental Center

Imunova's state-of-the-art Experimental Center serves as a hub for cutting-edge research and advanced scientific endeavors. Our center is equipped with the latest facilities and staffed by a team of highly qualified experts dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in various fields. At Imunova's Experimental Center, we strive to drive innovation, advance research, and contribute to the betterment of various industries through meticulous experimentation, ethical principles, and cutting-edge technology.


In Vivo Experimentation Excellence

We excel in providing the complete spectrum of in vivo experimentation, from the inception of experimental protocols to the comprehensive analysis of data. Our meticulous approach ensures rigorous and reliable results. Project Office Collaboration: Our collaboration with the Project Office ensures the development of meticulously crafted protocols. These protocols are carefully designed to address vital questions regarding product testing in avian and swine species. This collaboration enhances the value proposition by offering scientifically sound arguments to support technical sales efforts.


Animal Ethics Committee (CEUA)

Ethical Animal Use: Imunova is committed to the highest ethical standards in animal research. All projects involving animal subjects undergo stringent ethical review and approval by our Animal Ethics Committee (CEUA), registered with the National Council for Animal Experimentation Control (CONCEA). We prioritize animal welfare and adhere to best practices in all aspects of study conduct and animal care.


Cutting-Edge Isolation Facilities

Our Experimental Center boasts cutting-edge isolators meticulously designed to prevent cross-contamination between experimental groups. With 11 isolators, each measuring 1.2 m², we maintain a controlled microbiological environment. This controlled setting includes temperature regulation through UV lamps, HEPA-filtered air circulation, dedicated water supply systems, and disinfected feed delivery.


Diverse Housing Options

Imunova offers versatile housing options for experimental animals. Our aviary experimental setup features 8 open pens, approximately 2 m² each, which simulate conditions akin to commercial breeding environments. This approach allows for in-depth in vivo index evaluation projects and the assessment of products tailored to the poultry sector.


Scientific Collaboration

We actively engage in scientific collaboration and knowledge dissemination. Our center collaborates with partner experimental centers for projects involving poultry and swine. This collective approach enriches research outcomes and broadens the scope of our scientific contributions. in vivo index evaluation projects and the assessment of products tailored to the poultry sector.


Ongoing Training

Our commitment to excellence extends to our staff, who undergo continuous training to ensure their proficiency in animal experimentation techniques and ethical practices.