Research and Development

Counting on a team of masters and doctors with diverse backgrounds, Imunova has the expertise for work in flow cytometry, production, purification, and analysis of recombinant proteins, immunological analyses, vaccine improvement strategy development, and electrochemical detection platform development.

By using these techniques in product testing, the reliability of the methods has been proven, now Imunova also serving as a reference for the development of new analyzes and products. The Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) team also provides scientific consulting services.


These are some projects developed or under development by the RD&I team:

  1. Diagnostic kit to detect salmonela infection in chickens using cloacal swab to collect sample;
  2. Treatment against canine atopic dermatitis based on an immunobiological molecule;
  3. Development and standardization of ELISA for detection of specific antibodies for target antigens;
  4. Development of a fast and portable electrochemical detection platform that allows the performance of tests similar to ELISA;
  5. Vaccine monitoring by immunoassays;
  6. Platform cloud-based for sharing diagnostic test results to inform interpretation of data based on predictive value for the test.

Notices contemplated by Imunova:

  1. TECNOVA 2013 - Study for the development of biological sensors with electrochemical technology - 2014 a 2016 - FINEP FNDCT - SETI/PR;
  2. Pós doc empresas 2012 14/2012 - Production of monoclonal antibodies for animal and human health 2013 a 2016 - CAPES/Fundação Araucária;
  3. Pós doc empresas 2013 07/2013 - Production of interleukins and acute phase proteins from birds, in a heterologous system (prokaryotes and eukaryotes) by recombinant DNA technology – 2013 a 2016;
  4. InovaTalentos 2014 - Study for the development of biological sensors with electrochemical technology. – 2015 a 2016 – IEL;
  5. SESI-SENAI de inovação 2013 - Study for the development of biological sensors with electrochemical technology – 2014 a 2016 - SESI SENAI;
  6. "InnoVET-AMR IDRC Innovative Veterinary Solutions for Antimicrobial Resistance" - Developing a sustainable nanoparticle-based vaccine solution for broilers and layers against Escherichia coli in low and middle-income countries – 2019 a 2023 - IDRC - Canadá / UK aid;
  7. Finep Tecnologia 4.0 – Accurate field diagnosis – 2021 a 2023


Imunova has, as a depositor and/or inventor, 8 patents with the Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), based on technological development works:

  • BR102020024371 – Uso de peptídeo sintético P.SC2.S118 para diagnóstico de COVID-19 usando plataforma de imunodiagnóstico.
  • BR102020024378,
  • BR102020024380,
  • BR102020024390,
  • BR102020024403,
  • BR102021007058,
  • BR102022020782,
  • BR102018016617.

Articles published in partnership with clients from 2020 onwards:

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