About Imunova

Immunology and Innovation: From these two concepts, Imunova Biologic Analyses was born, with the purpose of providing biotechnological solutions in cutting-edge inputs and techniques for animal research and diagnostics. The company was conceived by former master's students and professors from the Federal University of Paraná as a means to offer to the agro-industry the services that the University excels at developing. 
The result was the creation of a startup, incubated at UFPR in May 2011. This effort yielded insights into the effects of vaccines, probiotics, medications, and feed additives on the animals' immune systems. And from then on, the company has not ceased to ask questions and explore outcomes. 
Fachada Imunova

After the incubation period, since 2019, it has been established at the Technopark of PUC-PR, an environment that supports technological development. The team realized that knowing how to ask questions is more important than providing answers. Moreover, what has made Imunova unique is its ability to interpret results and propose action. Here, research is the solution. Generating and disseminating scientific knowledge are tools that can alter the environment in which we live.



"To provide biotechnology solutions, enabling Brazil to achieve technological sovereignty in cutting-edge inputs and techniques for animal immunity research and diagnostics, while developing human resources in this field of expertise."



"To stand out as a hallmark of pioneering in the development and implementation of new technologies that drive the expansion of the Brazilian agribusiness."

Imunova aims to contribute to the advancement of poultry, swine, and cattle farming in the country. One of the significant demands of this market is the possibility of introducing new products that contribute to animal protein production, with the purpose of improving health and performance, as well as technologies to ensure the hygiene of the final products. The provision of quality service and the experience gained by the executing members enable the development of all these skills through the introduction of innovative techniques and the enhancement of products already used in the sector.



  • Ethics;
  • Scientific rigor;
  • Respect for employees, and partners/customers.