Histological Analyses

We provide specialized laboratory analyses for animal breeding companies and input manufacturers. Verify below the list with all the available analyses. 

Histological AnalysisAvaliação histopatológica por ISI microPoultryIntestinal Tissue (Formalin 10%)
Histological AnalysesAnticorpos em Tecido por ImunofluorescênciaPoultry or PigsIntestinal Tissue, Lung, or Liver
Histological AnalysesAvaliação de Tecido por HistopatologiaWithout restrictionWithout restriction
Histological AnalysesHistomorfometria Traqueal por MicroscopiaPoultry or PigsTecido Traqueal (Formol 10%)
Histological AnalysesHistomorfometria Intestinal por MicroscopiaPoultry or PigsIntestinal Tissue (Formalin 10%)
Histological AnalysesCélulas Caliciformes em Lâminas de HE por ContagemPoultry or PigsTissue (Formalin 10%)
Histological AnalysesConfecção de Lâmina Histológica - HE ou Alcian BlueWithout restrictionTissue (Formalin 10%)